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Bizzy Loans Payday Loan Reclaim

Have you ever had a Payday Loan with Bizzy Loans?

You could be owed £1,000s in Bizzy Loans Payday Loan compensation if you were mis-sold.

Many borrowers were mis-sold their payday loan by Bizzy Loans, borrowers were not made aware of all the charges and fees. In some cases Bizzy Loans did not carry out effective checks to confirm that the loan was affordable. Bizzy Loans has a duty of care towards all payday loan applicants and must check their financial background to see if there is any reason the loan would be unaffordable.

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Did Bizzy Loans mis-sell you your Payday Loan?

You may have been mis-sold your Payday Loan by Bizzy Loans if any of the following statements are relevant to you:

  • Bizzy Loans did not make all the charges and fees clear to me.
  • I had to borrow from another payday lender to clear my initial payday loan with Bizzy Loans.
  • I had to repeatedly roll-over my Bizzy Loans Payday Loan. (This shows you could not originally afford your payday loan with Bizzy Loans)
  • I took out several payday loans with Bizzy Loans just to make repayments.
  • On repayment of my loan to Bizzy Loans, I could not afford to buy food or pay my bills because the loan was a large portion of my income.

If any of the above reasons for complaint are relevant, you could be entitled to:

  • A full refund of interest and charges paid to Bizzy Loans plus statutory interest of 8%.
  • "Unaffordable" loans from Bizzy Loans to be deleted from your credit records;
  • And any existing balance with Bizzy Loans to be written off.
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