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NFU Mutal Pension Transfer Reclaim

Have you ever had a Pension Transfer with NFU Mutal??

You could be owed £1,000s in compensation if NFU Mutal mis-sold your Pension Transfer.

Many people were advised by NFU Mutal to transfer their pension benefits from a work based pension to a private pension. In most cases these pensions would not provide any additional benefits, NFU Mutal did not tell their customers that transferring their pension would typically result in a loss of benefits such as a final salary scheme or matching contributions.

Some providers such as NFU Mutal promoted that the pension they offered would out perform the workplace pension, this would not be the case with a riskier stock based pension and the advice given to millions of clients has been condemned by the regulator of NFU Mutal.

Were you mis-advised by NFU Mutal about transferring your pension?

You may have been mis-sold your Pension Transfer by NFU Mutal if any of the following statements are relevant to you:

  • I was encouraged or mis-advised by NFU Mutal to transfer my workplace pension regardless of it not being in my best interest.
  • I was not told or given information by NFU Mutal about how my new pension plan would perform and work compared to my workplace pension plan.
  • When I changed jobs my new employer encouraged/advised me to transfer to a personal pension or suggested that I should as they did not provide a pension scheme.
  • I was not told or advised by NFU Mutal that by opting out of my company pension scheme I would lose the guaranteed benefits that were associated with my company pension scheme.
  • I was not told or advised byNFU Mutal that by opting out of my company pension scheme that I would lose my employer contributions that would have been paid into my company pension scheme.
  • I felt pressured by NFU Mutal into transferring my pension even though it posed a higher risk.

If any of the above reasons for complaint are relevant, you could be entitled to:

  • A full refund of the benefits you had lost when you transferred the pension to NFU Mutal
  • Statutory 8% interest in line with guidance issued by the Financial Ombudsman
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