Have you ever had PPI with Marehill Finance?

You could be owed £1,000s in Marehill Finance PPI compensation.

If you answer "No" to any of the below questions, there's a very good chance Marehill Finance mis-sold you PPI:

Marehill Finance should not have added PPI to your agreement without your permission.

Marehill Finance should have given you the unpressurised option of having PPI.

PPI would not have been needed from Marehill Finance if you had pre-existing PPI cover elsewhere.

Marehill Finance should have explained the cost of PPI to you at the point of sale.

If over 50% of your PPI premiums were paid in commission to Marehill Finance and this was not explained to you, the "Plevin" ruling means you were mis-sold.

Again, Marehill Finance should have given you the option of having PPI or not.

Your right to cancel PPI within the cooling off period should have been explained to you by Marehill Finance.

How do I start my Marehill Finance PPI claim and what am I entitled to?

My Claim Solved have had great success in reclaiming PPI for customers against Marehill Finance and so far we have reclaimed over £42m* for our clients in PPI mis-selling.

If you were mis-sold PPI by Marehill Finance, and the claim is successful, you would be entitled to a full refund of PPI premiums you paid to Marehill Finance, a full refund of interest charged and compensation interest at 8% per annum on the above sums.

Don't Delay! If you would like to start your PPI Claim against Marehill Finance, complete the form at the top of this page.

* PPI refunds obtained through our claims service, amount is prior to our fees plus VAT and any income tax.

Marehill Finance & Mis-Sold PPI

Many customers were mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) by Marehill Finance, PPI was usually added to a customer's policy by Marehill Finance, in some cases without their knowledge. Marehill Finance were known to disapprove a credit application if PPI was refused by the customer.

Marehill Finance PPI wasn't all bad, it was intended to protect borrowers' from being unable to make repayments if they were unable to work due to illness or injury. The problem was how PPI was mis-sold by Marehill Finance.

There are many examples of Marehill Finance mis-selling PPI, some consumers were not even made aware by Marehill Finance that PPI was attached to their policy, and if the customer was made aware that PPI had been attached, they were not advised by Marehill Finance that it was optional.

A new PPI mis-selling factor called "Plevin", which means if over 50% of the PPI premiums you paid were set out as commission to Marehill Finance, and this was not revealed to you at the point of sale, then you would be due PPI compensation from Marehill Finance.

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