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St James Place Investment Reclaim

Have you ever had an Investment with St James Place?

You could be owed £1,000s in compensation if St James Place mis-sold you your Investment.

Many consumers may have been mis-sold their Investments by St James Place, Investments such as PEPs, ISAs, OEICs, Bonds, UNIT TRUST, PIP & Portfolios. St James Place may have misinformed customers about their Investments that were linked to the Stock Market & a majority of customers across the UK may have been put into the wrong risk category, putting more of their own money at risk.

When St James Place sell an Investment they have certain rules that their advisor must abide by and if they did not follow these rules then you may be entitled to a claim.

If you feel that the St James Place advisor gave you wrong Financial Advice with your Investment, start you claim by completing the form opposite.

St James Place may have mis-sold their Investments in various different ways:

  • Customers may not have been put into the right risk factor by St James Place that was comfortable for them.
  • St James Place may not have made their customers were not told that it takes a minimum of 5 years to see a noticeable return.
  • St James Place did not make their customers aware that if they drew an income from their Investment it would put their initial money that they invested at risk.
  • If customers had any outstanding credit or debt, St James Place should have advised the customer to use the extra money to clear this off first before investing into the Stock Market.

Have St James Place mis-sold you your Investment?

  1. I didn't ask St James Place to invest my money into the stock market where I would be subject to financial risk.
  2. I was led to believe by St James Place that I would generate a larger income from this investment.
  3. I was not told by St James Place that there was a risk of losing money from my investment.
  4. I feel that St James Place over exaggerated how the Investment would perform compared to how it is performing right now.

If any of the above statements are relevant, you could be entitled to:

  • 8% interest plus any other compensation that may be owed for other miss selling factors from St James Place at the point of sale.
  • We will compare your current financial position to the position you would have been in had you invested your money in the right area instead of where St James Place advised you to. In the event that you would have been better off we will pursue a claim for the difference against St James Place.
  • Compensation interest at 8% per annum on the amount of any compensation.
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