Many customers have been mis-sold their Endowment Mortgage Policy by Barclays Wealth Management, consumers were mislead about their Endowment that was either linked to their Mortgage or was being used as a Savings Endowment, most customers were advised by Barclays Wealth Management that their Endowment Policy would pay their Mortgage at the end of its term with a lump sum on top or were informed that their Savings Endowment would generate enough money when it came to the end of its term.

Some types of Endowment's were linked to the Stock Market and many consumers did not know that these types of Endowment's had high elements of risk.

If you believe Barclays Wealth Management have mis-sold your Endowment Policy then start your claim today by completing the form above.

  • Barclays Wealth Management may not have made the customer aware that their Endowment was linked to the Stock Market.
  • Barclays Wealth Management may have told the customer that their Endowment will pay the mortgage at the end of its term.
  • Barclays Wealth Management may have advised the customer that they had to have an Endowment otherwise they could not have the mortgage.
  • Barclays Wealth Management may have suggested having a Savings Endowment that might not have been viable for the customer.
  • We will compare your financial position that you would have been in if you had taken a repayment mortgage instead of an Endowment. In the event that you would have been better off we will pursue a claim for the difference against Barclays Wealth Management.
  • Compensation interest at the rate of 8% per annum on the amount of compensation.

You can still make a claim against Barclays Wealth Management even if you've already cashed in your Endowment or if it's already matured.