Many consumers have been upgraded to a Packaged Current Account by Halifax. Usually Halifax charge a monthly fee for a Packaged Bank Account which can range from £5 to £25 per month in return for extra benefits in the form of insurances such as Travel Insurance, Breakdown Cover, Gadget Cover & Card Protection.

Many customers across the UK who were sold a Packaged Current Account from Halifax won't be eligible to use any of the Insurance services that that were offered because of pre-existing medical conditions or pre-existing cover elsewhere. Halifax may of enticed customers with an offer of a Loan, Mortgage or an Overdraft Facility for having a packaged bank account.

If you feel that Halifax has given you wrong Financial Advice with your Packaged Account then start you claim by completing the form above.

  • You didn't ask Halifax to upgrade your account to a "fee" paying account.
  • The costs/fees of the Packaged Bank Account weren't clearly explained by Halifax either by an advisor or in writing.
  • Halifax didn't explain that the Packaged Account was optional.
  • You were led to believe by Halifax that you were more likely to be accepted for an overdraft, loan or mortgage if you had a packaged bank account.
  • Halifax didn't ask about any pre-existing insurance policies you already had in place.
  • Halifax upgraded your account without your knowledge.
  • Halifax didn't explain all of the additional products that were inclusive of the packaged account.
  • Refund of premiums from Halifax that you paid for the package current account.
  • Compensation interest at the rate of 8% per annum on the refunded premium.