Have you ever had PPI with Halifax?

You could be owed £1,000s in Halifax PPI compensation.

If you answer "No" to any of the below questions, there's a very good chance Halifax mis-sold you PPI:

Halifax should not have added PPI to your agreement without your permission.

Halifax should have given you the unpressurised option of having PPI.

PPI would not have been needed from Halifax if you had pre-existing PPI cover elsewhere.

Halifax should have explained the cost of PPI to you at the point of sale.

If over 50% of your PPI premiums were paid in commission to Halifax and this was not explained to you, the "Plevin" ruling means you were mis-sold.

Again, Halifax should have given you the option of having PPI or not.

Your right to cancel PPI within the cooling off period should have been explained to you by Halifax.

Start Your Halifax PPI Claim

How do I start my Halifax PPI claim and what am I entitled to?

Start Your Halifax PPI Claim

My Claim Solved have had great success in reclaiming PPI for customers against Halifax and so far we have reclaimed over £42m* for our clients in PPI mis-selling.

If you were mis-sold PPI by Halifax, and the claim is successful, you would be entitled to a full refund of PPI premiums you paid to Halifax, a full refund of interest charged and compensation interest at 8% per annum on the above sums.

Don't Delay! If you would like to start your PPI Claim against Halifax, complete the form at the top of this page.

* PPI refunds obtained through our claims service, amount is prior to our fees plus VAT and any income tax.

Halifax & Mis-Sold PPI

Many customers may have been mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) by Halifax, PPI may have been added to a customer's policy by Halifax, in some cases without their knowledge. Halifax may have declined a credit application if PPI was refused by the customer.

Halifax PPI wasn't all bad, it was intended to protect borrowers' from being unable to make repayments if they were unable to work due to illness or injury. The problem was how PPI was mis-sold by Halifax.

There are many examples of Halifax mis-selling PPI, some consumers were not even made aware by Halifax that PPI was added to their policy, and if the customer was made aware that PPI had been attached, they were not told by Halifax that it was optional.

A new PPI mis-selling factor called "Plevin", which means if over 50% of the PPI premiums you paid were set out as commission to Halifax, and this was not disclosed to you at the point of sale, then you would be due compensation from Halifax.

The History of Halifax

In 1853, Halifax was established during the boom of the industrial revolution as small market towns were transformed into manufacturing hubs, and this was the case with the textile industry in Halifax.

From 1801 until 1851, the population of Halifax trebled from 9,000 to above 25,000 as people flocked from the surrounding countryside seeking work and a new life in the booming town. The sudden growth of the area of Halifax didn't come without problems, and it was ill-prepared for this influx. A shortage of accommodation led to severe over-crowding causing an increase in disease, reduced health and poor conditions. It wasn't long before working men joined together to build themselves homes. The group would purchase land and would disband once every member had been housed.

A small group of men gathered in the Old Cock Inn, Halifax in 1852 to set an Investment & Loan Society for the mutual benefit of working people. The idea was that anybody that wanted to save cash could invest, and anybody wanting to purchase a house could borrow from the fun. The simple idea was that borrowers would be charged interest, and the investors would earn interest on their savings.

A small office space was acquired in the Old Market and specific rules were established. In late 1852, the Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society was officially established.

Halifax, The First Fifty Years

Business boomed from the offset as people were queueing at the office every Friday night to join the new Society. Members pledged themselves to the rules and paid regular subscriptions, people who couldn't make regular payments would still be able to save their money but as depositors rather than members.

The following year, £9,000 had been loaned out and £2,000 had been agreed for homes being built. The growth of Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society was rapid, they had acquired 584 members and 144 depositors.

The Society had such a great success that they were able to build impressive new offices on Princess Street in 1873, this was their home for the next 50 years.

Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society, Transformation to a Bank

The 1960s brought about the computerisation of accounts and filing systems with revolutionary cash dispensers. A rapid change and innovation brought about modernised branches, and a state of the art head office was constructed at Trinity Road in 1973.

In 1986, Halifax expanded into personal banking, insurance, estate agency and stock broking as new legislation permitted building societies to offer a variety of financial services.

In 1995, Halifax merged with the Leeds Permanent Building Society and the following year they acquired Clerical Medical. The 1990s brought about further mergers and acquisitions.

A notable year for Halifax was in 1997 as its members voted for the conversion to a plc status. The flotation in June 1997 was the biggest the Stock Market had ever seen with 7.5 million shareholders created.

Another notable acquisition with Birmingham Midshires was made in 1999, and 2 years later in 2001 Halifax merged with the Bank of Scotland which formed HBOS plc.

After the financial crisis with the global banking market still licking their wounds, Halifax, part of HBOS plc, was acquired by Lloyds TSB in 2009 to form a new company called Lloyds Baking Group plc and instantly become the biggest retail bank in the UK.

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